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  • Published by kristina
  • 18th March

About the Event

🔴 After a year of record road fatalities in 2022 and perpetual road congestion, we will be addressing the press in front of Parliament in Valletta to push the Maltese authorities for safe and efficient roads and transport systems that stop treating pedestrians, cyclists, and users of public transport as a mere afterthought to cars. Over the years, the combination of poorly designed infrastructure for active commuting, the perpetuated problem of an overdependence of cars, and inefficient public transportation have made our streets a death trap, with road fatalities currently being 10 times higher than the rest of the EU.
Join us on Saturday 18th March at 9am, where we will be making the following demands to the authorities 👇
🟢 Nationalise and invest further into all public transport
🟢 Publish standards for pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, and a legally-binding national cycling policy
🟢 Update our Highway Code to introduce the hierarchy of road users, giving those in charge of vehicles that can cause the greatest harm the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger to the more vulnerable road users
🟢 Introduce Presumed Liability laws to protect the more vulnerable road users
🟢 Enhance the quality of our village cores by prioritising active mobility allowing people to safely walk or cycle within their villages
18/3/23 9-10am
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