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  • Published by Jana
  • 30th September

About the Event

📣 Join us for Malta’s Pro-Choice March and Rally 2023, which will take place on Saturday 30th September!
📍 The event starts with a march departing from Castille Square, Valletta. The march will start at 4pm, so please arrive before then. After walking through Valletta, we will gather in front of the law courts. There, we will have speeches, performances, merchandise, and more!
💜 This year’s theme is ‘abortion stigma.’
✅ Each year, hundreds of people in Malta have abortions. In fact, we all know and love people who have had abortions. Abortion is common. Abortion is normal.
⛓️ But abortion is also criminalised. Just a few months ago, a woman was prosecuted for having an abortion in Malta. Reported to the police by her abusive partner, the State helped perpetuate the cycle of violence.
❤️ People who have abortions should not be judged or criminalised. All residents of Malta deserve to be treated with respect and to have the autonomy to decide what is best for ourselves, our bodies, our lives.
✊🏾 The Voice for Choice coalition, made up of 14 organisations and groups, will continue to fight until abortion is decriminalised, normalised, destigmatised, and made available and accessible locally.
Date: 30/09/23
Time: 16.00
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