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We salute Occupy Justice activists who set up an illuminated spider’s web outside of Castille on the night of the 15th of october, depicting former members of government and police force as spiders. This “gang of untouchables” as they are often called, were at the center of the worst corruption scandals that have been exposed over the past few years.

The visual was intended to communicate how a gang of corrupt individuals infiltrated and infested what should be the institution that serves the people.

In fact, over six years ago, investigative journalist #DaphneCaruanaGalizia exposed scandal after scandal, and yet, none of those concerned have been charged with corruption, except for one.

As we all know, corruption is a real problem in Malta. When Prime Minister Robert Abela is being asked about it, he keeps uttering the phrase “the institutions are working”. However, how can they work if the same lies are repeated over and over again to citizens, and if justice is not done against the corrupts who pollute these institutions?

Maltese citizens don’t trust their institutions anymore, everywhere they look there is corruption and even when scandals are being exposed involving members of the government, these individuals just get away with it thanks to their connections. Ex-Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was the one protecting them, he was the one who swept all of their criminal acts under the carpet.

They infested our institutions to serve themselves, and all the while they are being assisted by an Attorney General and a Police Commissioner who have both failed to act in a timely manner.

Impunity has been enjoyed for far too long and it is time for them to face full justice.

Therefore, people want the truth, they want justice, and most of all they want trust in people at the head of the state.