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Times of Malta published the debate between sociologist Andrea Dibben, pro-choice activist, and journalist Peppi Azzopardi who believes the new Bill 28 is an excuse to introduce abortion in Malta.

The latter will decriminalize termination of pregnancy by medical intervention in case of risk to life or grave risk to health of the woman.

The focus of this discussion was the subject that created the most debate among the public opinion since the introduction of the bill. Indeed, they debated on the word “health”, what it covers, and how it could and should be interpreted. This term created a lot of criticism as in, according to doctors for choice, be used to terminate a pregnancy because of mental health problems.

If this was a heated debate, it is a healthy and necessary one. Malta needs healthy discussions and needs to improve the quality of political debate. This is how the country will develop for the better and put the welfare of its inhabitants first.

This is how political subject should get tackled and not by mocking and disrespecting women who only ask for a basic human right.

The vote for the Bill 28 has passed the second reading phase, with 42 votes in favour and 34 votes against (all from PN party); and now a committee of law makers will review the bill to ensure its legal validity and verify any potential contradiction with existing laws. The parliament will then vote on it for a final time in January.