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  • Published by kristina
  • 31st March

About the Event

*ATT: changemakers, heart warriors, light activists, social entrepreneurs, and anyone who is wishing to contribute to a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible 🐝🫶 I am inviting you to a special workshop that I have been curating for some time called ACTIVE HOPE: Conscious Activism for Collective Growth on the 31st March + 1st April 2023 (1.5 days).

🌿 Are you a person who has a desire to enrich life around you as a guardian for our planet and other human beings?
🫶 Do you see injustices in the world and wish to contribute in some way or another but sometimes feel helpless or powerless to make an impactful change?
🥹 Do you feel alone in any internal sadness or frustration you hold regarding what is happening around us and long to connect with like-minded passionate individuals?
🤨 Maybe you find yourself, looking around at the world around you feeling bleak and disheartened. Are you wishing to see our wider society that holds more connection, understanding, and collective care; and maybe often wonder how you as an individual can have an impact and contribute to a better world?
🤸🏼‍♂If the above resonates, then this is for you! This space is curated to create a safe and nurturing space for evolved activism for collection growth and heart-based change.
💚 I have curated this unique workshop to explore these topics as a group, through practices from the “Work that Reconnects” by Joanna Macy. This is a holistic approach to facing world problems that brings together thinking, feeling, spirituality and action. It involves moving beyond the individualism of Western culture towards also seeing ourselves as part of the earth. This leads to a deeper connection with life, where Ecology is not just seen as something ‘out there’, but something we are part of and have a role to play in together.

The contribution to the workshop is a sliding scale of 50-80 euros per person depending on what you can afford. No one will be turned away because of lack of funds, so please contact us if you are keen to come.
This workshop is for you if you are yearning for:
-a deeper connection with your surrounding world.
-a sense of belonging to a wider community of people who are wishing to see a world with more empathy, connection and collective care.
-moving forward through inspired action rooted in love for our planet and its inhabitants.

The workshop will be held over one day and a half:
-Friday 31st March 2023 full day from 09.00-18.00hrs (Public Holiday)
-Saturday 1st April 2023 half day from 09.00-13.00hrs
A healthy and DELICIOUS vegan lunch will be served on Saturday during the lunch break at the workshop with organic fresh produce from our farm.
​Register here: https://www.thrivemalta.com/activehope
Thrive Farm, Triq il-ballut, Wardija, Malta

Note: Those living on Gozo and may need accommodation on the Friday evening, please PM us.

​Your Facilitator: Alexandra Cachia
Alexandra Cachia is the Founder of Thrive, a social enterprise that sprung from her passion for community and nature. Growing up as an activist and an environmentalist, she works to support a peaceful and greener world. Her journey as a Permaculture Design and Teacher led her to gain experience in New Zealand, Holland, UK and Malta. Through Thrive she provides events and workshops to support companies, NGOs and individuals to incorporate self-development, sustainability, wellness and mindfulness in their everyday life.
For more info, concerns or wishes please contact alex@thrivemalta.com or +356 99221677. Register here: https://www.thrivemalta.com/activehope FB page: https://fb.me/e/2JmRYHUIg