Event Information!
  • Published by kristina
  • 27th May

About the Event

🟢 Environmental organisations are calling on the public to participate in a national protest in Valletta on Saturday 27 May. The protest will start at 10.30 am from the Triton Fountain.
✊ All groups around Malta and Gozo, both formal and informal, can endorse this protest by contacting us on info@xebbajtuna.org or filling in the online form on this website www.xebbajtuna.org. Groups can include non-governmental organisations as well as residents, students, workers and farmers: all non-partisan groups whose aims are in line with the demands of the protest are invited to join.
🔴 We are living a state of emergency. The quality of life and the natural environment of our islands are deteriorating rapidly due to a frenzy of reckless building everywhere. We are in this mess for one clear reason. Behind this wave of environmental destruction lies a web of politicians and developers who have created a system that serves the profit of the few instead of the common good.
🪧 This dire situation can only change with unity among all those groups who have the common good at heart. Our battle cry will be: Enough is enough – we demand environmental and planning reform NOW!