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The past few years have forced us into a complete reframe of the way we relate with one another and ourselves – We’ve had more time to spend alone, we see a lot of our normal interactions taking place online and our time with others in physical presence has been restricted. 2 years on we seem to be returning to a new sense of normality however we cannot deny that the ‘collective story’ that has impacted us all in its own unique way has had a great impact on our lives – So how can we give value to these stories of separation and embrace them as part of our journey in moving forward ?

This 2hr workshop will give a voice to the untold through interactive and self reflective exercises, tapping into the skill of deep listening and learning to hold space for our own experiences and those of others. Different modalities will be integrated including embodied practices, circle time & journaling. A chance to step out of the rush of the day and tune in and reflect,  cultivating deeper connection with self and each other, ways of resourcing moving forward and ultimately cultivate a greater sense of belonging.

This collective story has been imprinted into our way of being trickled down into our individual lives.

Now that the world seems to be reaching a new sense of normality, where do we stand?  What does that mean for us?

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This is an initiative developed by SOS Malta, and Citizens Lab.